Refill Fragrance for Boho Reed Diffuser


The Boho Reed Diffuser is a beautiful addition to your bedside table, office space, or bathroom, and the fragrance is key to setting the atmosphere for you to enjoy. Stock up on 2 oz refills so you never run out. Choose Lavender, Summer Soulstice, Sunrise, or Winter Soulstice Fragrance.

Lavender has notes of lemon, lavender, cedar, and bergamot.

Summer Soulstice has notes of saffron, apple, vanilla, and black currant.

Sunrise has notes of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine.

Winter Soulstice has notes of fir, citrus, and cedar wood.

For use as a refill for the Boho Reed Diffuser and the Boho Reed Diffuser Bundle.