Boho Reed Diffuser


Imagine your choice fragrance greeting you when you walk in the door. It's in that instant you know you're home, and it's time to unwind. Fragrance has that power to set your mood, and while the choices offered for the Boho Reed Diffuser are all appealing, once you find your favorite, you're hooked!

Place the Boho Reed Diffuser wherever you drop your keys and other personals, and you have a recipe for a sanctuary.

The Boho Reed Diffuser is not just functional, it's beautiful! Picture a dainty bouquet of dried botanicals adorning the glass jar. Reeds are incorporated into the bouquet and rest in the fragrance.

Choose from the following fragrances:

The calming Lavender fragrance will fill your space with notes of lavender, lemon, cedar, and bergamot. A perfect fragrance for your bedside table.

Beach Day will intoxicate you with notes of tangerine, coconut, and pineapple. It's like being at your favorite beach resort with a tropical drink in hand.

The Sunrise fragrance brightens your space with notes of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine. 

Winter Soulstice welcomes in a calming state with notes of fir, citrus, and cedar wood. 

Dusk elicits the familiar fragrance of your guy's flannel. A soothing blend of sage, orange, grapefruit, and oak moss makes Dusk a go-to for the musk scent lover.

Can't choose just one fragrance? The Boho Reed Diffuser Bundle gives you two fragrances to enjoy!