Beach Day Candle


Beach Day Candle, a signature fragrance from Renee Beamer Harbor and Home, comes housed in a blush-toned glass vessel with an iridescent finish. 

Soy is a clean-burning wax and is a sustainable, American-sourced product. I use essential oil-infused fragrances from a Charlotte, NC supplier. For the fragrance sensitive person, I understand the hesitation that comes with trying a scent you are unfamiliar with, and I assure you that I, too, have allergies leading to headaches from exposure to synthetic fragrances. I would not work with these scents in a concentrated form if I had any issue with them. I enjoy burning my candles and using my Boho Reed Diffusers in my home, and I know you will too!

The wood wick is American made and characterized as a whisper wick.

12 oz of eco-friendly soy wax candles reward you with 50+ hours of burn time. You can feel good about using this sustainable, American-sourced product.

And when you're done burning the candle, your beautiful glass vessel is ready for a new assignment. Consider repurposing it for a small potted plant or for housing a collection of some sort.