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Candace Coates shares her thoughts on identity…

Who are you? This is a question that has plagued mankind forever. We all have an image of ourselves, others, and even God on the inside that’s not always accurate. Those images have been formed through our life experiences, which in turn become our core beliefs. Many times those beliefs contradict God’s word/image of us and are not accurate.
Before we can see the images on the inside change, we have to let God change HOW we see. For example, how many times have we prayed for one thing, but we still see things though the same lenses; we still have the same mindsets and say the same things? When we’re believing for one thing but we don’t change how we think or what we’re saying, it’s like we’re having an identity crisis on the inside.
God tells us in James 1:8 that a double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways. What does that mean? Simply put, I believe it means we have two different mindsets. We have the mind of the spirit and our natural, carnal, earthly mindset. We cannot think like the world AND according to God’s word. This is why I believe God stresses the importance of taking EVERY thought captive and renewing our minds.
For many years I saw myself poorly. My past experiences had created beliefs that I was unloved, unseen, unwanted, damaged goods, and that nobody cared. God started to show me areas where I had been believing lies about him, myself, and my identity. I started to let the Holy Spirit teach me. I woke up early in the morning and listened to teachings, read books and studied the word. Many evenings I multitasked and put teachings on when I was folding laundry, doing the dishes or bathing the kids. I met with a Godly woman/mentor weekly to help me work through some issues from my past who spoke truth to me and always pointed me back to the word. I began declaring (speaking out loud) what God said to me, what he said about me, and the promises he had made to me in his word. The beliefs I had formed were there for many years, so I knew it was going to take a lot of time and resources to overcome all those wrong mindsets.
Slowly but surely the word started to sink in and I started to change without even realizing it. I didn’t have to force myself to change or work up enough will power. I just put the truth in and it began to produce fruit in my life!
Friend, if I can encourage you in anything it is that you are SO much more then you realize. You are royalty! When a queen or king declares something, it happens. The same is true of us in the spiritual realm. What you say out loud (and even internally) matters! Who you surround yourself with matters! What you meditate on matters! Spend time letting God rewrite the wrong beliefs and mindsets you have. If you don’t know what they are, ask him! Fill your mind with his truths instead of the lies of the enemy. When you do, and you find out who you really are, no longer will you be double minded and unstable. You will know your true identity, be free and completely secure. God’s word will not only change your vision on the inside, but it will change your life on the outside!



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