Welcome to Renee Beamer Harbor + Home!

I love all things home- the people who fill it, the memories we cherish, meal times, and I cannot forget my Corgi, Woodrow, who keeps us in check. When I was a girl, I couldn't wait to grow up and have a home to care for. 

Within a few years of moving to Virginia, I came across a beautiful home that backed up to the woods behind my property. I would stand with my dog looking through the trees and wishing that I could somehow get a chance to swim in that family's pool. Little did I know I was looking at the home of my future husband!

Jon comes from a family of home builders, and he carries on the tradition as an attentive general contractor. Our most recent personal build was a fun experiment with a new trend- the modern farmhouse. After we moved in, I knew our home would serve as a backdrop for something worth sharing!

My artisan journey began in the most unsuspecting way. I had just prepared breakfast for my daughter and her weekend guests, and after I left them alone to enjoy some final moments together, I sat down with a journal and pen in hand. The vision came with clarity. I shared all the details of my business plan with Jon who excitedly replied, "Let's make it happen!" Less than a year later, I launched both a devotional for women and a Christmas decor line at a local art market under the stars. I was hooked and participated in thirty more events over the next year. 

I still love the market vibe and seasonally sell at the Old Beach Art & Eco Market on Saturday mornings in Virginia Beach.