You Are Loved

You Are Loved

The greatest need we have is to know we are loved and accepted, but the messages we sometimes receive challenge our assurance. Do you know for a fact that you are loved? Do I believe that I am accepted for who I am, faults and all?

I wrote a devotional for women about true identity, and in it I address the eternal truth that we are loved. You Are More Than You Know focuses on the heavenly Father's love for us and how that affects our sense of self, our view of others, and the world in which we live.

I highly recommend this easy-to-follow 90-day devotional for women of all ages. Each daily reading begins with scripture and ends with a challenge to put God's Word into practice.

Click here to secure a copy for yourself or for someone you know who needs these precious reminders. 

Happy Valentine's Day. You are most certainly loved.

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  • Feb 18, 2021

    Renee, Bravo for all of your work. You Go Girl!! I am finally going to be able to update & redesign our home & have fun doing it. We all go through seasons after loss & healing! I am more of a color Gal myself, but entering a season of neutrals with color accents instead. All part of the cycle. Please sign me up for your newsletters. I did them for several years with my redesign biz. Met lots of people & worked with such a variety of client’s during that time. It was fun…Blessings!

    — Irene Woodworth

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