Time to Reconnect

Time to Reconnect

Summer brings with it permission to tap into a childlike wonder and explore. I hope we do so for the purpose of understanding something new about ourselves and the world.

What does that look like for you? Many of us hit the beach, park a chair in the sand, and schedule something adventurous involving the water. I'll never forget an Outer Banks family vacation in which a few of us took a surfing lesson. It was, in a word, exhilarating. Truly the best vacation experience ever!

I love exploring new places and playing outside with abandon while enjoying my family and friends, but to inherit a needed truth, I find I must be alone. That's hard to do on vacation, so I look for opportunities to check out local spots with scenic views. Just a quick hour or two and I'm settled and learning. A walk in the woods, a visit to the bay, or a relaxing view of the neighbor's garden that grows as I gaze.

Here are a few tips for accomplishing a time to reconnect:

  1. Visit a spot you deem peaceful.
  2. Plan an hour or two of alone time.
  3. Disconnect from media.
  4. Use a journal or sketchpad. 
  5. Ask Creator God what he would like to show you.

I'm serious about number 5! I cannot tell you how many guiding truths I've inherited simply by being still and asking. God's creation is a wonder!

I'll share one of my treasures: I was alone at a public pier. Normally I faced the expanse of the water and took in the lovely views, but on this occasion, I turned to face the shore. I was watching the windblown waves beat against the sandy beach, noting the changes to the landscape I've witnessed over the years. A seagull above caught my attention and I watched as it beat its wings to fly into the wind until it finally caught the draft. Instantly, the draft carried the seagull out of sight. I jumped up in excitement and shouted to God, "That's what I want my life to be!" You get it, right? What I witnessed and learned that day is there is a lifestyle of striving and one of empowerment. I want an empowered life, how about you? For more on the topic, listen to a recent Foundations Church message.

It's time to reconnect. Let's not miss the opportunity to find joy in discovery. There's a truth to inherit and a life lesson to pass along! 


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