The Modern Tudor Build

The Modern Tudor Build

Here we go again! The Modern Tudor build marks our fourth personal residence that we design together. The excitement Jon and I feel spurs tons of pre-planning ahead of our breaking ground later this month.

It all started last summer when Jon met with clients about their new build on a lot within the Williamsburg subdivision developed by Jon's father and uncle. During the meeting, Jon realized the wife was upset at the thought of leaving her current home. The couple agreed to Jon's idea to renovate the first floor to accommodate their needs instead of tackling a new build. Not sure what to do with their purchased lot, they favored Jon's offer to purchase it from them. 

This is not the first time we are building in Powhatan Secondary. In 2001 we built our family's home but felt led by God to sell the house before ever moving into it. After accepting the death of a dream, I experienced contentment in our remaining in Newport News. More than twenty years later, we find ourselves in a new season and with new readiness to plan again a move to Williamsburg.

The Colonies section of Powhatan Secondary requires brick construction, so Jon and I agreed on a Modern Tudor design. We've seen striking examples of the style in other cities we have visited, and we already know that we will love the freshness of the look here in Williamsburg. The painted brick with a curved eave accent defines the style as Tudor. Black windows contrasting the white brick exterior give the design a modern touch. 

Our major selections already decided include: house plans, doors, windows, appliances, kitchen cabinetry, countertops, back porch, pool design, bathroom tile, and plumbing fixtures.

Remaining decisions to be made include: bath cabinetry, closet design, lighting,  flooring, and landscaping. At this point, it doesn't seem like much more to do, but I'm confident the workload will multiply once we hit the building phase. 

So what am I most excited about in anticipation of a new home? I think I will truly enjoy the location- a walkable distance to the grocery store and to other family members' homes in the same neighborhood. As far as our design selections go, I'm really looking forward to the dramatic look of black windows in the interior of the home. I originally thought I would incorporate the style in our current house, but during construction, I opted for windows with black trim on the exterior and white on the interior. It was a safe choice at the time. Now I'm ready for the deep dive into something totally different.


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