The Kelsey Wreath

The Kelsey Wreath

Can a wreath drive the design of a space? I think so! Especially one as unique as the Kelsey Wreath- a Renee Beamer Harbor + Home original. 

Every fiber gets handled multiple times like a stylist first doing a tied-in hair extension and then a cut and style! The macrame design requires a few of hours of knotting, shaping, and cutting. My cousin, Kelsey, has helped to make one of these wreaths, and she knows! Her skin needed time to heal after finishing. Yes, I felt very bad about it!

I use American made cotton cord for this product, and the wood-look plastic base is made in the UK. I don't know about you, but I'm loving the fact that there's home decor for the modern boho style and it hails from places closer to home.

Ideas for use: Include the Kelsey Wreath in a living room gallery wall for added visual interest, or rest it on open shelving in baby's nursery.

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