Studio Vibes

Studio Vibes

When we built our home, I had no idea that I would need a studio space. We designed a spare bedroom to function as a home office for my husband who is a general contractor. But the interesting thing about his work preferences is he would rather do invoices and calls in the the heart of the home. Being tucked away in a quiet corner of the house has never been a thing for him. 

Enter the vision for a handcrafted home décor business! The underused office now has renewed purpose. Every work day minus market days takes place in this room, and this is why I looovvve it:

  1. the triple windows flood the room with natural light.
  2. the wall art before me and behind me inspires.
  3. there's ample surface area for making wreaths and other projects.
  4. the furnishings are stylish and minimalistic.
  5. the room is spacious enough for me to design and make inventory, as well as prepare orders for shipping.
  6. and, goodness, the Winter Soulstice Reed Diffuser makes the entire work experience divine! You should give this one a try!

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