Spring Season Refresh

Spring Season Refresh

Walk into a store these days and you will find easy access to cleaning supplies. The universe has spoken, friend, and it's time to clean your home.

Do you find an unusual level of motivation to tackle a big project this spring? In an ideal world, I would hit all the items on my to do list in the very short three months. Every cabinet and closet would house only useful things. Every pair of shoes would rest contentedly in a cubby. Angels would sing a hallelujah chorus upon every drawer opening because it would be that neat and beautiful. No dust bunnies would exist, nor would a speck of grease dot the kitchen surfaces.

If you're the type who accomplishes the above and more when spring cleaning, I seriously applaud you! You are a rock star! Meanwhile, I'm celebrating one big project's completion. But that's seriously okay!

I'm writing today to encourage you (and myself) to go after the next thing we can do to better our home environment. Let's actually make a written goal, because you know what they say- to write a goal is to more likely achieve a goal. So, as I type I'm also writing down my next big project in my planner. Now, is it as good as done just because I put pen to paper? Not at all. The date may come and go without any progress. If that happens, I will write the same goal down on a different day and try again. But, I think I know myself well enough to say I more than likely will finish the project ahead of schedule!

Happy spring cleaning, friend! Please share any goals you have for a spring refresh, as well as strategies you use to get them done!


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