Updating a Space

Updating a Space

According to MoneySense's article by Romana King, January and July present great furniture buying opportunities. Stores need to sell off existing lines at discounted prices to make room for new collections that come out each February and August. 

The Christmas takedown optimizes a readiness for a refresh, doesn't it? We all relate to the lackluster design when the lights and other festive touches disappear.

But what if your holiday spending went overboard and shopping for big ticket items will have to wait? How do you still refresh a space without a financial investment?

You can shop your home! Put on some tunes and move everything out of a room and design it anew by repositioning the same pieces or replacing them with different accents from other rooms! Sounds like a fun experiment, doesn't it?

Another solution of mine is to update textiles. Think rugs, pillow covers, throw blankets, bed linens, etc. Find all of the above at Woven Nook.

Also, a pretty wreath creates a focal point and often satisfies the desire for something new. See my wreath collections and the new Nomad Wreath Gallery for ideas.

Lastly, I'm always a fan of adopting a plant or two. Plant babies grant us a rewarding experience of stewarding growth, as well as enjoying natural beauty and purified air! They really do enhance a space and make it feel so alive! Imagine that! But, for those of you who are self-professed plant killers, there's another trend to incorporate into your home's style that won't leave you feeling guilty a few months down the road: a vase of Pampas stems. They're already dead! Well, dried. The flowy blooms add an effortless style to any space missing that Christmas tree!

Find a bundle on the shop!


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