Shop Happy

Shop Happy
I have a confession... I think shopping in chain stores is rather depressing. I cannot put my finger on any one thing that causes my negative reaction- I'm pretty sure it's a complicated mess of things within me and without. I recently did, however, have a very positive experience at Target! I loved seeing the resurgence of 80's fashion. I smiled as I browsed the many clothing racks and fondly remember the fun I had wearing those styles.


Back to the topic of shopping... I believe because the market scene has been my public workplace for three years, I only equate it with happy shopping. If you also participate or attend, what do you most enjoy? It's okay if you say the food trucks! I'm right there with you. Meeting the maker ranks high for me, as well as supporting local businesses. In doing so, it feels like a return to community- a very organic way of living well among your neighbors.

This year I aim to keep you more aware of my market participation. I'm doing the regular in-season Saturday markets at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, but I'm also seeking out new venues in the Hampton Roads area and beyond. You're always invited to the following markets and others on the horizon:

Grounded Market at Grounded Coffee in Newport News  2/12 10 - 2 pm. You know, for the Valentine's Day gifts...

Old Beach Art & Eco Market in Virginia Beach 3/19 and 4/16  9 -12 pm.

The Pinner House Spring Artisan Market in Suffolk  4/23  11 - 4 pm.

The Industrial Cottage Spring Market 5/21 Hours TBD.




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