Modern Boho Style Guide

Modern Boho Style Guide

Is there something you naturally do without much thought? 

I'm in that zone when I style a space to look uncluttered and welcoming. I can look back over various markers in my life where this gift was exercised, even at a very young age.

Creating an environment of exhale is something I enjoy doing. Because I hear many friends say they want my help in decorating their homes, I have created a style guide to do just that- lend a helping hand. I sat down to think out the steps to my process, and I'm sharing them with you for free!

I simplified the approach to creating a cohesive style that's all your own. It's called 8 Style Accents for Modern Boho Minimalism. This tool appeals to anyone in search of a fresh look for spring and summer- an effortless style that brings in natural touches. I included a worksheet in the guide that will help you to factor in the particulars of your space.

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