Joanna Gaines's Style

Joanna Gaines's Style

Oh, Joanna, you've done it again! One photo in hand of your recent room design and I suddenly find myself taking apart what I have. It's time to redecorate! A sneak peek capture of the upcoming Fixer Upper Welcome Home series granted me inspiration to reimagine how I use kitchen shelves.  

Of course, I've always displayed pretty dishes on the Pottery Barn Ladder Shelf. But my philosophy was more of function than it was of form and function. To incorporate form, I needed to eliminate clutter and make room for some beautiful elements. And by beautiful, I mean books.

What kitchen doesn't have cookbooks? I have collected many over the years, and I recently was gifted two beautiful hardback covers: Sweet Laurel and The Forest Feast Mediterranean. Although my cookbooks have been accessible, they have not been displayed. Joanna changed all that. In her classic way, she stacks cookbooks among displayed dishes. I now stack them, too. 

Am I pleased with the new look of my kitchen shelf? Oh, yes! The openness created by intentional placement of items appeals to my need for empty spaces. It's a mental exhale when I walk into the kitchen. Perhaps I boosted my motivation to create more tasty scents to inhale! Wouldn't my hubby love to walk in the door today to a freshly baked bread? I'm on it!



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