Inviting Friends to Rest

Inviting Friends to Rest

It amazes me to know that people who lived in different times would regularly host unannounced guests in their homes. Even George Washington had a practice of welcoming weary travelers to Mount Vernon. But today we plan for our visitors. And some of us are so intent on showing good hospitality that we plan some more.

What are your go-to preparations for house guests? A few things automatically come to mind: a comfortable sleeping space with clean linens, a well stocked fridge and pantry. What secret sauce do you add to your killer hosting recipe to make the time unforgettable? If you have a specialty meal or beverage you make, you can be sure your friends will always remember the love you served up. Probably one of the best treats is to wake up after a good night's sleep and find a hot breakfast and coffee ready. 

Some extra touches communicate a loving anticipation of your guests' stay. Placing a vase of fresh cut flowers along with a basket of snacks and beverages in the room is a thoughtful gesture. Or gifting your friends with a potted plant placed on the bedside table and a note welcoming them also warms the heart.

And while we're creating memories, let's not forget the mental imprint of fragrance. My Boho Reed Diffuser beautifully complements the guest bedroom or bathroom. Have one on hand to give as a gift, because your guests will ask where the diffuser came from. 

I'd love to know additional best practices when inviting friends into your home for rest. Please comment below with ideas for meals, gifts, and activities. 

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