Meet Jonah, a two-month old Corgi, who brings much fun to our lives! He's a cutie, right? Maybe he should be the face of RBHH! After all, a pup makes a home! 

We still have our thirteen-year old Woodrow and he seems to like having a pal. The two enjoy a game of chase around the house, walks in the neighborhood, car rides, belly rubs- lots of belly rubs, mealtimes, and turning in early for the night! We consider ourselves blessed to have expanded our canine crew!

In the past two weeks of having a puppy, I rediscovered my back porch, which strangely sat vacant for a few months. Remember my design post earlier in the year? It makes sense to soak in the warm sun on those nice summer days, but I'm learning the back porch can be just as enjoyable with a coat and hat on cooler days as well. Jonah definitely loves the fresh air! Here he is pictured on the outdoor swing. He's boujee like that!

In expectation of the most popular follow-up question upon meeting a Corgi, I must include the link for our sweet boys' origin. They hail from a Virginia-based breeder, Triple H Corgis. We highly recommend Debbie Cox and her show worthy Corgis. 

Give Jonah some praise and I'll be sure to pass along a "good boy" belly rub. He'll be so happy you shared your joy with me!




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  • Nov 19, 2022

    Oh my goodness! He is so cute!

    — Susan nelson

  • Nov 19, 2022

    Awww Jonah is absolutely adorable..
    I am looking at his face and my hearts melts..
    He is just a sweet dog..

    — Karen Boyd

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