Inspiring Weekends

Inspiring Weekends

Here at Harbor + Home we're all about home building and home styling, but even us homebodies need a bit of adventure from time to time. Just a change of scenery can help with an internal reset. Fresh air within wooded paradises make for a welcomed escape on a day off of work. 

Nestled at the point where the Chesapeake Bay empties into the Atlantic, First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach offers campsites, trails, a boat ramp, and sandy beaches. For us locals it's the kind of spot that makes us feel like we've vacated to another realm. 

From the boat ramp you can paddle or boat into open waters with direct access to the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. We took the jet ski out and saw water access to waterfront eateries. There are some shallow spots and places to beach your watercraft and take a refreshing swim. 

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