Embracing Fall

Embracing Fall

The wooded trail beckons me to step into a quiet solitude and to depart momentarily from the world's troubles. Only a woodpecker in search of a meal and a squirrel securing his future one disturb the hush under the green canopy of trees. The leaves are starting to turn, though, and every so often one takes to flight.

I'm really starting to enjoy fall. I happily added the dried wheat bundles to the kitchen table decor. Some golden yellow accent pillows rest on chairs in the family room. But the decor updates do not stay within my personal space- I'm keeping the customer in mind along with her decorating needs. With the new studio set up I was able to add the apple-ly Harvest fragrance to my shop's inventory.

My family decided to venture to Carter's Mountain in Charlottesville to pick apples, and we found the experience to be so satisfying. Now we're all enjoying the haul and dreaming of yummy desserts to make.

Speaking of delicious eats, I invite you to check out this post featuring my daughter's Butternut Squash Soup.  You'll be glad you did.

I've also been intentional about shopping our local Williamsburg Farmer's Market and stocking up on veggies, flower bundles, and other goods. The tree-lined Duke of Gloucester Street was made for early fall temperatures and joyful vendors.

As retail businesses persist in announcing, Christmas is coming, and the all the fall feels will soon be just a memory. But like the random leaf on its descent, I'm in no hurry to rush this season. I'm choosing to embrace fall.

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