Dorm Room Décor

Dorm Room Décor

My alma mater, Christopher Newport University, welcomes new students in just a few days, and although my daughter graduated over a year ago, I still would love to be present on move-in day and to help students with dorm room designs!

One important tip I have for shared spaces that tend to be small is to style a minimalist look. Have a focal piece of artwork that best defines your vibe. Don't feel as though your bedding, rug, and accessories have to match the artwork. It can stand alone and draw the eye to it without anything competing. 

You definitely want to enhance the room with something alive! A snake plant will help filter the air and simply look ultra cool in a wooden plant stand beside the desk. Try to finagle a way to hang planters in front of a window and enjoy their air cleansing benefit and cheery greeting each time you enter.

If you love natural light, keep in mind that dark colored fabrics and accessories absorb light. Light bounces off of light-toned surfaces and naturally brightens the space. I like to layer up textural elements that blend a mixture of natural colors: a sisal rug, a sheepskin throw rug, cozy bed pillows, and blankets. Whatever your favorite colors are, keep in mind that the lighter they are, the brighter the room will be.

Lastly, a little tip for clutter reduction. For big things like towels, pillows not in use, etc., use an oversized basket at the foot of the bed. Give yourself two points for each shot made when too lazy to get out of bed and put something away. Also, each counter surface should house a tray that will help keep all loose items together. A small tray for your desk, another for the bedside table, and one for the bath vanity. I suggest adorning one of the trays with my Boho Reed Diffuser. The glass vase paired with dried botanicals adds a simple touch of beauty and fragrance to the space. You can shop the diffuser here.


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