Declutter Your Space

Declutter Your Space

Have you ever looked at a staged home and thought you could really relax in that calming space? Staging looks so pleasing because the rule of thumb is weed out the unnecessary: Get all the clutter out of the way and create an open space for the eyes to easily move over the interior landscape without visual "noise."

Even small spaces can create a "less is more" eye appeal, but the design must be strategic. Great pieces of furniture and a minimal number of accent pieces create the look of no-fuss living.

Take the hub of the home, for example. A clean kitchen welcomes family and guests alike. For me, a nicely sized pantry solves all my storage issues; however, many kitchens lack adequate storage. Or, are we trying to keep too much for our food prep endeavors? How many platters do you really need? And how often have you used the taco serving set that Aunt Diane gifted you for Christmas ten years ago? 

Just sharing the minimalist concepts encourages me to study my home's interior design with fresh eyes. I know I have some pieces in use that aren't as necessary as I think they are. It's time to revisit the drawing board and weed out whatever is crowding my space and my mind.


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