Cozy Christmas Style

Cozy Christmas Style

I love how we express our preferred style when decorating for Christmas! There's the Hallmark Style of everything red, green, lights, and sound; there's the high-end look of white and gold, along with an unexpected pop of color; there's the rustic Christmas look; and, of course, the eclectic mix of all the above!

Maybe you identify with the dilemma I faced several Christmases ago: I knew what look I wanted, but my style was predetermined for me by the collection of gifts I obtained over the years. Plus, whatever things I myself added to the collection, I later realized that my taste had changed. I kept putting off the change from a traditional Christmas look to one that more perfectly expressed my style.

Today I'm participating in a Holiday Open House at The Industrial Cottage, and I'm bringing along with me naturally beautiful elements for enhancing a cozy Christmas style- the hygge style, one might say. I imagine many shoppers at today's event will seek inspiration for this season's decorating. Maybe some will find themselves in the same predicament I was in not that long ago. They may be wondering, how do you actually make the transition?

The first step is to look at your Pinterest pins and see if there's a reoccurring theme in your favorite decorating styles. Then shop for some big items that accentuate the style: a faux tree (mine had to be flocked), garlands, wreaths, and accentuating décor. You also need to determine if you're doing a total replacement tactic or a gradual change over the next few years. You can blend the two styles while transitioning, or you can keep this year's look minimalistic while you incrementally add pieces to the preferred collection.

Ornaments take the longest to collect, and even as an avid crafter I still built up my handmade ornament collection over multiple years. Now the tree is completely the style I knew I wanted so long ago. It took time. 

If you also like crafting, ornaments are easy projects and fun to do with family or friends. I'm steadily sharing how-to videos on Pinterest, and I invite you to create a new tradition that will create lasting memories. I think this year I would like to gather a few friends for a brunch and a crafting time around the table. Doesn't that sound like a sweet and simple experience? 

We must address the issue of the sentimentality. You can't just toss all the unused pieces, can you? We have a keepsake box of special ornaments and Christmas décor gifts. Not everything has been saved, though. It's okay to part with items that came from a dear friend or relative. I like to think of my donations as a sharing of their love and helping someone else to prepare their hearts and home for the celebration of Jesus's birth.

Each year, we look through the collection of keepsakes, smile, and remember the sweetness of memories shared. Christmastime has that effect, doesn't it?


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