A Bright Scent for Spring Cleaning

A Bright Scent for Spring Cleaning

If you're thinking spring, you may be adding to your mental list things to spruce up around the house. Deep clean this, organize that... I'm optimistic that the motivation will hit, and a complete overhaul will happen floor to ceiling. I envision it as a throw the windows open kind of day, a playlist blasting, and getting things done.

Don't you think a candle fragrance filling the room will make the experience that much better? I'm suggesting the Sunrise Candle, a scent that regularly reminds my customers of the popular volcano-type fragrance. The notes of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine make this a cheery and invigorating candle.

The simple design of the concrete holder crafted by Abigail Rice Designs enhances the overall enjoyment of the Sunrise Candle. Abigail masterfully mimics the look of terra cotta, giving the vessel a boho vibe.

10 oz of eco-friendly soy wax candles reward you with 50+ hours of burn time. You can feel good about using this sustainable, American-sourced product.

And when you're done burning the candle, your beautiful concrete container is ready for a new assignment. Consider repurposing it for a potted succulent or for housing a collection of some sort. 


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