A Banner Year

A Banner Year

I'm regularly rehearsing the good things that have come about in the midst of a drastically altered lifestyle. A few changes necessitated by 2020 actually spurred me into a better direction, and I'm thankful for them, even though I would not have chosen to face the challenges that came with an unprecedented year. 

Today I celebrate my renewed strength to better guard my mind. Last year was particularly noisy- unnecessarily noisy, and I had to wean myself from the many outlets that I granted too much access. I felt empowered when I shut off the news or deleted an app, and I replaced that time spent on worthless things with more time in God's Word. 

In a season of making miniature banners that I scripted for Christmas tree ornaments, I also tried my hand at designing a wall hanging- a banner with scripture that could be strategically posted and serve as a needed reminder. 

Psalm 73:28 states, "But as for me God's presence is my good. I have made the Lord God my refuge, so I can tell about all you do."

Talk about strategic! The As For Me Banner hangs at my front door. I read the beautiful message of perfect security with every coming and going. This is definitely a message I want my heart to hear again and again. It's also one worthy of sharing with you.

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