2021, We've Been Waiting for You

2021, We've Been Waiting for You

Wow! 2020 was the challenge of all challenges, and because of the call to embrace change, we learned flexibility. It seems as though none of us carried out the entirety of last year without altered plans. 

So now we're all loosey-goosey and able to do mental splits (to the right, left and center!), and we're ready for a new year with boundless possibilities. What do we make of that prospect? 

It's time to travel again! To plan weddings and celebrations again! It's time to join a class, open a business, or grow your existing one! I'm pretty darn hopeful of what is to come, and I hope you are too!

I'm excited to roll out a new feature in my shop: The Nomad Wreath Gallery. Each season I will introduce a new collection of wreaths suspended from a found driftwood branch. For those who have purchased driftwood décor from my shop in the past, you will have the option of securing just the set of three wreaths to update your look for the season.

It's been crazy fun to talk with customers about this design and discover a shared joy in something so simple. You inspire me to hunt for the next washed up beauty and adorn it the best way I know how! 

If you haven't yet hung a Nomad Wreath Gallery in your space, you must give it a try. Find the inspiration it gives to exhale and say, "Home is a peaceful place to be."


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