My Design Influences

I was walking along the shoreline at our neighborhood park and noticed with fresh eyes the commercial fishing boats tied up at their docks. The thought of a harbor came to mind and I somehow stumbled upon a new blog project called Harbor & Home.

Being a lover of coastal interior design and beginning a transition of our rooms to that style, I decided this blog would be home to documenting projects. In the first season of blogging about interiors, I started the pattern that would continue to serve as my on-going inspiration. We spent the week of Thanksgiving with friends and family in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. We walked the beaches searching for treasures the tide deposited, we watched the sunrise and photographed the rapidly changing sky, we relaxed a bit, drove the highway along the ocean, and explored endless shops.

I didn’t recognize it then, but I now know for sure what drives me to explore different places. I love natural landscapes. It truly is one of my deepest delights. In fact, my first trip abroad at age sixteen left me with a striking mental image of endless olive groves dotting the rolling hills of Southern Spain. Of the many world-renown sites I visited and the fun things I did, it was the awe-inspiring view from the bus window that most impacted me. (No wonder I love so much my little, potted Olive tree I’m growing!)

And in all my travels since that first momentous one, I still crave expansive vistas and a little time for boutique browsing! To me, there’s no better combination for inspiration.

Jerusalem Delivered!


Galway delivered!


Texas delivered!


Scotland delivered!


I’ve found harbor in many different places in the world this past year, but I’ve also enjoyed coming home and putting my hands to work. This current season is one of creating freshly inspired, handcrafted decor. There’s so much on my list to make that I have to schedule out when to tackle projects, or I will crazily try to do it all at once!

I invite you to browse the virtual shelves of my Etsy Shop and find inspiration for your home and upcoming events. My mission is to create handcrafted decor and books that inspire beautiful lives- inside and out!




  1. Laura Spiers says:

    It’s easy to see how your travels have influenced your creativity!!

    Liked by 1 person

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