Creating a Farmhouse Style

Are you making some updates to your interior design this winter? For some reason, the post-holiday, undecorated spaces in our homes beg for a refresh. Have you noticed that too?


Jon and I want to change some of the furniture in our family room, but there will be no action until we agree upon style and budget! And if finances limit you from doing a redesign, consider an incremental approach using small changes. You can make minor investments in accent pieces while you wait for the more expensive changes to occur down the road.

One of the easiest ways to update your home is through fresh wall color. Have you created a Pinterest Board of your favorite looks? You’ll probably target the best paint color to use in your space just by looking at the trends of your pins.

In addition to some sweat equity, textiles offer another low-cost update. If you have googly eyes for Joanna Gaines’s style, think in terms of soft colors and fabrics. I like to use cotton pillow covers and throw blankets to create a casual style, and I happen to have some on-hand to share too! These Turkish Hand Towels are the most recent update to my Etsy Shop.


You’ll also find pillows with the scripted messages, “Our nest” and “Stay awhile.”


Finally, the absolute, most cost-effective update you and I can make is to declutter. I’ve seen lately in 2019 goal-setting that many women want to simplify their lives. But when it comes to interior design, we’re unsure of what to do with our favorite décor pieces that have served us well but no longer fit our goals. There’s nothing wrong with storing them for now and reevaluating their usefulness later. If you’re serious about a room refresh, it would be better to declutter in progressing toward your goal and having some gaps in your décor than to have misfit pieces.

If you need some coaching on decluttering, I have a post about cleaning out my clothes closet; the principles work for decluttering a room as well. There are also professional organization experts you can seek out online or through an in-home consultation. My friend Anna of Making Room for Peace is a great resource for inspiration on the topic.

One more last thing! Consider adopting a homeless house plant from your nearest nursery. These guys want to help filter the air in your home and capture your eye with their growth. Just thinking about the added benefit of having live plants in the home makes me want to reposition the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree to a more prominent place in my living room!

But before I go and start moving things, I wanted to let you know I’m working on an original piece of inspirational artwork that I hope to have available next month. Look for an update on the project soon!






  1. Laura Spiers says:

    LOVE the towels!!! I do love a little simplifying and redesign after Christmas. I always chuckle to myself about how easy it is to forget where I had everything when it’s only been absent for a month or so, haha!! Great reason to rearrange!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. reneebeamer says:

    Thank you! Yes, Laura! I hope to find my large clam shell soon! 🙂


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