Lucky Trip to Ireland

I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunity I had to travel to Ireland with my husband and daughter the week before Christmas. I was excited to spend time with family exploring new places. I also highly anticipated experiencing a European Christmas market for the first time.

As soon as we dropped our luggage at Jacob’s Inn in Dublin, we took to the streets to see what the city has to offer. The corridor pictured below beautifully framed our first look at the Trinity College campus.


When the sun goes down (at 4:30!) the city lights up with Christmas displays as seen on the facade of this building. And notice how mid-forties air temperature is suitable for outdoor dining! Murray’s patio is packed!


Day two promised adventure as we followed the advice of Jordan’s friend who insisted we do the Howth Cliff Walk. A thirty-minute train ride took us north of Dublin and along the coast of the Irish Sea. The sights were breathtaking!


Up next was the trip through central Ireland to the west coast. Destination: Galway.IMG_0597

The Christmas market in this city was in full swing. Although there were limited artisan booths to shop, there were plenty of food stalls. We chose to dine in and visited Dough Bros for some oven-fired pizza. So yummy!


The weather forecast for the following day gave us hope for good vistas at the Cliffs of Moher. We took the 10 am bus and traveled through some spotty rain showers for two hours. I can’t adequately describe the beauty afforded my eyes, but here are some shots I captured.



After returning to Galway, we somehow managed to find the Hazel Mountain Chocolate Store. Our bus driver told us about the locally owned company earlier in the day when we drove past the family farm. But you don’t have to visit the brick and mortar to buy their wonderful chocolate. They ship worldwide! Visit their website here.


If you’re a lover of chocolate you won’t mind my camping out here for a moment…


After another night in Galway, we took the train back to Dublin for a final two days of touring. We rented an Airbnb in this central location and welcomed the chance to dine-in and do a load of laundry.


We unknowingly saved the best for last. Dún Laoghaire sits south of Dublin and on the coast of the Irish Sea. What was most interesting about the people here is they don’t mind a cold dip in the ocean. I’m serious! I watched several voluntarily go for a swim.  One local we spoke with mentioned she gets in the water each morning. Are they crazy? I think so!


This trip showed me that I enjoy all parts of traveling abroad. I like flying and binge-watching movies… I love walking endlessly through neighborhoods I’ve never been to before and peering through the windows I pass by. And I dig a cool cliff walk!

I could easily spend countless hours at a small café sipping a latte and watching the locals come and go. I definitely could sift more thoroughly through Sostrene Grene, a crafting and home store in Dún Laoghaire. The prices were excellent, and I stocked up on some wreath-making supplies.

I always anticipate new inspiration to come through our travels, and Ireland did not disappoint! I returned home last weekend ready to celebrate Christmas with my family and to begin a fresh season of creating. Check out my updated Etsy shop to see what I did with my Sostrene Grene haul.



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    The pictures are amazing Renee! So beautiful. What a neat Christmas experience to have!!

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