Christmas Market Fun


I LOVED doing the six shows and events for my dual launch this past month! Getting together with old and new friends and family was a highlight. It really is all about YOU- seeing the devotional and my handcrafted items bring you joy makes the investment worth it! I have prayed over the readers and shoppers for months and months in anticipation of this season. Truly, my heart is full!


The kick-off to the Christmas market season happened in Smithfield, Virginia, and the people came out! Main Street closed to traffic, and about one hundred vendors set up shop. My 10′ x 10′ space had five pieces of furniture and a Christmas tree! I burned my signature Winter Soulstice candle, and visitors told me they followed the fragrance! You can guess what item was a good seller!

I discovered that shoppers enjoy sharing ornaments at Christmastime! My 300+ inventory of ten varieties has drastically reduced! Some favorites include the Driftwood Sailboat, the Isaiah 9:6, the Oyster Shell and the Winterscape.

My next event was a Facebook Live Market in which I promoted curated gift sets that facilitate shoppers’ thoughtful gift-giving. The sets are compiled around interests such as gardening, travel, home design, etc, and a few are still available. You can link to the Facebook Shop here.

To finish out the market season, I needed to learn how to maximize table space and found the stacked crate strategy worked well, along with a ladder.


And instead of a Christmas tree, I introduced my Basket of Baubles!

Anna Hubbard, the owner of HIP Innovative Studio Boutique, hosted her first HIP Holiday Pop. I’m hopeful this will be a yearly event because it was so much fun to be in close proximity with other artisans. I mean, close! In spite of the big crowds, I managed to meet almost all twenty vendors and shop their wares.


Lastly, this Etsy Shop happened! I’ve been waiting a long time to get one up and running! Now there’s inventory to stock it!


One of my favorite products is the Leather Notebook Cover. I’m now offering free monogramming of this forever useful product!


And here’s another fave: The Small Modern Wreath.


I’m going to stop now because they’re all my favorites! But one disclaimer I must share about the Renee Beamer Harbor & Home Etsy Shop: It’s closing at midnight on December 15 and reopening December 26. Give us a follow on Etsy and stay up-to-date on developments.

Well, the remainder of this weekend is dedicated to time with amazing people in our lives, to shipping out products, and to prepping for a wonderful vacation where the Christmas Market season is in full swing. Can you guess where I’m going? I’ll give ya a hint! I’m taking an umbrella, but rain won’t stop me from some high-step dancing in the streets!



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  1. Laura Spiers says:

    I knew your Winter Soulstice line would take off!! And the book!!!! Of course…


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