Glorious Texas!

Twenty-four hours after landing in Austin, I found myself in line outside the Silos Bakery Company. I waited patiently while staring at the enticing menu items. Do I get a coveted cupcake with buttercream icing or a biscuit? I thought hard about the Silobration special- a half dozen of assorted flavors, but I knew that meant Jon and I would each inhale three cupcakes before leaving the grounds!


I settled on the strawberry cupcake and coffee. {Secretly, I’m wishing they shipped all the goodness displayed here. I’d be ordering today! You?}


The Bakery’s seating area overlooks Magnolia’s storefront. We sat at the wooden plank bar under the mural.


The famous silos!


Inspiration abounds here, including the Fall 2018 Magnolia Journal theme- You have been made ready. A sweet employee took our picture and handed us each a swag bag for stopping by!


I couldn’t wait to meet with vendors, shop their wares, and admire creative displays. Everyone was really nice and super talented. One of the first booths I entered was filled with all things old. The vendor had a plentiful supply of wooden bowls, candle holders, and metal décor. When I saw a red “sold” tag on a pair of carved wooden doors, I had to ask if Joanna snagged them. She confirmed my guess. And that’s as close as I got to America’s sweetheart!


Artisans came from all over the United States. Jon and this fellow East-Coaster talked shop.


My daughter, Hannah, messaged me while I was at Silobration saying I had to find the White Flag booth because of their inspiring product and mission. It was a joy meeting Anna and hearing about her company and her generous heart. Each of her handcrafted linen flags carries scriptural significance. I love them all, but I chose hubby’s favorite! Can you guess which one?


After shopping the vendor fair and Magnolia Market, we ordered lunch from the Magnolia Table and Cheddar Box food trucks and dined on the lawn with fellow Silobration attendees.

Our time at Magnolia was coming to an end… Honestly, I didn’t want it to be over, but I was so thankful for my husband bringing me and making a dream come true. As a business owner, it takes a lot to walk away from work for a few days, and I know his sacrifice is great when he does so. But, not only was the day awe-inspiring for me- Jon captured fresh vision too! He assured me that he enjoyed himself there, and I believe him!

A quick look at the nearby Dr. Pepper museum granted us an opportunity to meet Chip’s dad. He chauffeured us on a golf cart around the block and dropped us off at our destination. When I told Mr. Gaines I really enjoyed Chip’s Capital Gaines book, he remarked how unbelievable it was that a guy who never read a book wrote one! Humor runs deep in their family!

And, my last pic from Magnolia’s Silobration- this fun vintage Jeep! To me it represents a return trip and the hope of bringing a crowd with me!


Now on to San Antonio…

This city has been a long-standing bucket list item for me. The Riverwalk was beautiful as expected, even during the day.


Jon and I first toured the Alamo and visited with friend Jameson, who is a historian. He graciously shared a wealth of history pertaining to the site. He gave Jon the added bonus of coming into a back room to see and handle the replica guns Jameson was working on for the museum.


After three days of nonstop touring, we arrived back to our Air bnb rental and crashed. And in case you’re traveling to the Austin area, I’d like to recommend this adorable studio apartment offered by John and Lacey. Let me just say, the hosts stock this rental better than I do my own house! A new standard has been set for me in what to look for in an Air bnb rental, but I fear all other hosts will now never attain it! You can see the Elegant Hill Country Guest Suite listing here.


Departure day landed us back in Austin. 1600 South Congress Avenue to be exact. With temperatures tipping a bit into the mild range, we opted for patio seating at South Congress Cafe. My omelet was good, but for a decadent treat, try the Carrot Cake French Toast. It comes with pecan syrup, which is more like an icing. Where has this been all my life?


I’m happy to be back at home with family and friends. And with the Corgi! Woodrow really misses us when we’re gone. At least we choose to believe he feels the same way we do when we’re apart.

Texas, I’ll always be dreaming about a return trip! You’ve been a great host, and




  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Oh my gracious, I am stuck between insane jealousy and extreme happiness for you!! Thanks for sharing all the details and some photos of your journey!!! Can’t wait to hear more with the added benefit of your voice and visage!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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