Fun With Friends in Nags Head

I regret not bringing the SUP board with us to the beach because the water was surprisingly calm all week.  Never before have I seen such a consistency of water conditions for seven days straight.


The beach is our happy place and our gracious friends, Cary and Julia, invited us to join them for a great time of relaxation with friends and family.


Cary & Julia played just as hard as the littles at the Roanoke Island Festival Park.


Jake and Hannah enjoyed a couple of nights at the house too. They had fun hanging out, playing with the Ware kiddos and cooking up an Italian feast for dinner! At least, I think it was as fun for them to prep the meal as it was for our crowd of 13 to devour it! Check out the presentation of this peach, mozzarella and basil appetizer!


Mornings at the beach are always special… it’s a front-row seat for taking in a beautiful sunrise.




Walking and running the beach at Jeannette’s Pier is the best way to start the day!

For all of you blessed people who live at the oceanfront- does this view ever get old? I hope not!


Even though I haven’t yet launched the Winter Soulstice line of handcrafted home décor, I know it’s already time to begin thinking about the 2019 Summer Soulstice products. Having endless hours on the beach afforded me the needed time to walk and find inspiration.


Additional work involved keeping up with daily posts on the Where Daughters Dwell Instagram account. The message shared with the graphic below is one my heart holds dear. I invite you to join the community of Where Daughters Dwell and to share it with the women in your life. We cover topics relating to security, identity and worth.


Back to the beach! I took advantage of some shade to catch a few z’s.


The girls all headed out for dinner at Ortega’z in Manteo while the guys took the boys to the pizza shop and playground. Before we met back with them at Scammell’s for ice cream, we saw some interesting spots in the charming town.



Manteo’s Waterfront



This abandoned home in the town of Manteo whispers of former days and her glory. I believe I’ll see it renovated in the future.

One final piece of the beach I wish to share with you: Old Nags Head architecture. Below is a photo of the First Colony Inn, a hotel that opened in the 1930’s. Nearby are some original oceanfront homes from the same time period that have remained intact despite the numerous storms. I always enjoy bike riding along that section of the beach road and reading the house signs with family surnames. I imagine gatherings of all generations in those places over the many decades.


And that brings me back to Cary and Julia’s invitation to join them for their beach vacation… what generous hearts they have to open the door of someone else’s house to welcome us in! All joking aside, we are truly grateful for the gift of friendship. The shared joy we had relaxing and feasting with them for the week was unmatched.


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  1. Laura Spy says:

    Looks like so much fun!


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