Time on the River

Hey, Friends! How’s the summer treating ya? It’s hot, right?

Hope the Fourth of July was a happy time, and the midweek holiday didn’t throw you off too much! Did anyone else just keep on weekending it?

We had a fun, little date on the river, and I thought I would share some of our delights with you. I hope to thrill your heart with one of our most favorite surprises when we’re out on the water- a dolphin sighting! This time was pretty amazing because they wanted to be seen. As we circled around and around, they pursued us. I think they were expecting us to throw them some fish! Look at them! Aren’t they sweet?


Next I wanted to capture some beautiful properties. Don’t you love the white barn?


And how about this modern farmhouse? It’s the only other one in addition to ours that I know of in my city. I love its metal roofs. And their view!

(Sorry about the blurry pic- we were in motion when I snapped it!)


This estate was built in recent years, but it looks historic. It is so massive that I can see it while standing on the opposite shore five miles away! Hats off to the designer of this one!


Lastly, this pic is of me doing what I do best- playing around! We have a tradition of beaching the jet ski and scavenging the shore for sea glass. I quickly lost interest when I caught sight of a tree swing made out of driftwood! Now tell me- what would you have done?




  1. Laura Spiers says:

    I love that river and being out there!! We have had opportunity to kayak out there a few times and ride in my Dad’s boat too! Were you at Burls Bay on the swing? Not sure of my spelling of that..


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