A Cohesive Design

     If you have the goal to simplify your household and to do some major decluttering, you also can conquer a streamlining of your home’s interior design. Recently, I was forced to do this. In fact, I did it two times! We moved twice in a six-month time frame. You would think that one move alone would help a girl to weed out all the fluff, but, no, there was still so much junk to go through the second time around. The thing about a move is you’re under the constraint of time, and you don’t deliberate over the necessity of every item. Goodness, some things eventually get heaped into a box and labeled “junk.” And we still take it with us to the new address!

     The strategy I share with you is better than up and moving to a new location. Now, you may want to consider calling in some reinforcements. A good interior designer or a home organization expert could really expedite your home’s transformation. But, if you’re looking at doing your project on the cheap, I’m here to help.

     We’re going room by room, starting with the rooms you use the most. At the end of it all, I want you to walk into the busiest space in your home and exhale a sigh of relief because everything about it says, relax- you’re home. I know what you’re thinking: that’s going to take some work! And you’re right. The initial investment may be intense, but the payoff will be worth it.

     There’s something about the eye appeal of your rooms. Visual messages translate to feelings, and we women are especially in tune to that. So let’s grow in our marketing proficiency and sell ourselves our own homes!


     One of the best social media apps to get us started in choosing a design style is Pinterest. If you’re unsure of your particular taste, you can search interior designs such as coastal, traditionalmodern, farmhouse, French country, mountain cabinboho, or something more general like, home design trends. Start pinning pictures you really like. Don’t overthink it and wonder what you should like- go with your gut reactions. After collecting a dozen or more pins, start looking for patterns. Is there a consistency in a particular style? If you don’t see one dominant category, you possibly have an eclectic style. Now search pins for eclectic interior design and create a collection of those that excite your eye.

     Once you know your style, it’s time to move on to decision-making about what to keep and what to discard. You can follow through on this with greater ease when you have an identified décor style. If it doesn’t fit the mold and it’s not a sentimental item, toss it.

     Something else to consider before you tackle your first room: are you going to donate or try to sell your unwanted items? If you’re going to donate, you can designate a low-traffic area of your home to stockpile items until you make a run to the local thrift store. If, however, you’re thinking of selling online or at a flea market, it would be better to store all discards somewhere out of sight. Keep in mind that your decluttering may unearth some things unsuitable to sell or donate. You’ll want to have trash bags nearby while you work.

     This is probably the hardest paragraph ever to type… I fear you will dismiss me, because you don’t want to read what I have to say. But I promise I’m trying to help. And have I told you yet how pretty you look today?  Here’s our approach to decluttering… Wait. I’m not ready. {Take a breath, Renee, and say it!} I want you to empty out the room and evaluate all the contents. I know. That sounds completely horrid! Why would anyone do that unless she was moving? Exactly. That’s what you’re doing. You’re moving from a cluttered state to a decluttered one. And it’s going to be good for you. It’s going to nourish your soul. And here’s the best news yet! You’re not doing your whole house over the course of a weekend! Not even a week! Not even a month, unless you’re crazy, or unless you live in a two-room dwelling. This is really doable if you take your time. First, get yourself psychologically prepared. Consider entering into your calendar a couple of blocked out weeks in which you give yourself time to empty the room, stockpile discards, deep clean your blank slate, and reload all the keepers in accord with your design style.

     Remember, I’m going to help you with a systematic approach. We’re putting this OCD to work for good! I have room-by-room design tips, and you’re going to love how you put everything back with a sense of purpose. Our goal is to declutter. Our benefit is we get to come out from under the load of too much stuff.

     Can I speak hope over you? Get ready for some additional positive changes to occur in your life! When we discipline ourselves in the physical and make drastic changes, other things seem to follow suit. So mark this day and be prepared to refer back to it when you later experience realities that you thought were only dreams!

     I so believe in you! Decluttering is a good goal, and you’ve got this! Remember, be grateful in the moment. You already are blessed. Also, tell yourself, especially if you’re the hoarder type, “I’m going to get rid of stuff.” That’s right, we’re going the propaganda way and repeating a message we need to hear ourselves say. Vocalize it as often as necessary- until you’re convinced and ready to put action to words. And when that day comes, let the unloading of unwanted weight begin!


Is your home redesign going beyond decluttering and including wall color and surface changes? Use Pinterest to search rooms designed with options you’re considering. For example: Many images will pop up when you type, Comfort Grey paint with white cabinetry, carrara marble, white subway tile and dark stained oak floors. You’ll love how this app takes the guess work out of many decisions to make.


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  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Such great info!!! I am going to do it Renee! Thank you!!


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