Packing for the UK

I decided to document vacation packing because never has my suitcase been chock full of winter clothing for a spring trip! But these are the things you do for your children: when they study abroad, you go to them and heal the pain of long-term separation. So, no Caribbean islands for us this go around. Instead, we shall hike the famed Isle of Skye area in northern Scotland. Yep. Northern Scotland. Cold, rainy, windy… all the things people try to escape from when planning a vacation.

But, the good thing is, we will have a fun week of touring with our daughter. And the sights awaiting us are breathtaking. And, it’s already been cold, wet and windy here for the entire elongated winter already, so at least we’re conditioned for it. {Not really, but I’m trying to talk myself into regular exposure to the elements.}

Bad thing is the packing is tricky. Winter clothing is bulky. Winter shoes are bulky. I have to be strategic- something I’m unsuccessful at doing last minute. I first packed my shower bag, which fits full sized products, but I opted to use travel sizes. Saves on the weight of the luggage I’ll be toting around from place to place.


{I’m kinda addicted to Body Butter. It goes back to the Caribbean Islands, really. I love the balmy air of the tropics, and I truly believe my skin drinks in the humidity. Body Butter is the closet thing to creating that feel for my skin. I kept this empty container for travel and replenish it with just enough supply for an upcoming trip. Once again, I save on weight.}

Even though I need winter clothing, I’m using smaller luggage. It’s just going to be easier. Five different locations and probably none have elevators… I can manage this size well. My outer layers include a rain jacket, zip up fleece, and puffy vest, and are on the bottom of the suitcase. I’m also taking my winter coat but wearing it over. I packed a few pair of leggings, two jeans, 3 tops, two sweaters, two sets of pjs, and plenty of active wear. Of course I couldn’t forget the hat and gloves!


Now that I think about it, I’m going to put the raincoat in my carry on bag, because when we arrive to Glasgow, the rain will greet us, and that thing needs to be handy. I also pack a complete change of clothes in my carryon. A lesson learned the hard way… on a trip to the British Virgin Islands… in a place with very little bathing suit selection… the only reason I was caught wearing a lavender swimsuit. Totally out of necessity. By day four of still not having my checked baggage to arrive to our little island, I was crying.

Now bear with me for a few moments while I gush about the Turkish towel. It is the first thing on my to pack list. Always. I don’t plan on using it at any of the beaches we’ll visit in the UK, but if you’re taking a beach trip, you must have one! It’s the perfect towel because of its quick dry feature. It’s your pool towel and sarong cover-up all in one. It’s your picnic table tablecloth… I could go on and on, but I’ll stop. For me, it will serve as an extra blanket if the rentals are short. For the flight I plan to wrap it tightly around my neck and allow for a comfortable sleep position. That’s the plan at least. I’m not very hopeful that I will actually sleep, even on an overnight flight.


Necessities such as passport, copies of itineraries, and ziplock baggie I keep in an outer zipper compartment. I’m intentional about hydrating on long flights and even prepared a small vial of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil blend for inhaling. With my Turkish towel wrapped around my neck and covering my mouth and nose, I’ll apply just a small dab of the oil under the nose and enjoy the cleansing effect.


Lastly, shoes. I’m wearing tall leather boots over. They’re all day comfortable, which is good since I’ll have them on for 18 hours! Plus, they’ll provide extra warmth to my legs while we’re on the planes. I’m bringing along ankle boots as well. My trusty trail shoes will see the light of day more than the others if we do all the hiking Jordan has planned for us to do.


I’m definitely growing more and more excited about seeing my girl and adventuring with her and Jon. She tells us that we have no idea just how much we are going to love Scotland. That builds my anticipation. And, besides, the cold never bothered me much anyway. {More unsuccessful self-talk. I’m cold and bothered just sitting here in the States and typing!}

Be prepared, friends, for a future post with pictures of water, mountains and castles. I’m packed and heading to the UK!




  1. Laura Spiers says:

    So can you zip it? And actually pick it up, lol!!

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