Bedroom Closet Clean Out

I learned a year ago that if you really want to get rid of clothing you are not wearing, the best thing to do is take every piece out of your closet, put everything on your bed, and sort it all out: love it and wear it; maybe like it; never wear it; sentimental and can’t part with it.

So I did it! And I got rid of a lot of stuff I have not been wearing. See those empty hangers? About the wooden hangers- I had a friend tell me years ago that this is the way to go. Clothes hold their shape better due to the substantial size of the hanger, and everything in the closet simply looks more uniform.


Do you agree?

I’m a little OCD and always hang clothes based on color schemes. My sweaters, tops and jackets go from white to black to blue. That about sums up my wardrobe. I might need to expand my color palette…

Now, I think the black chest is too adorable to stuff away in a master bedroom closet, but understand we built a much smaller house than we used to have, and the floor space for this beauty was just not available. So, it is home to scarves, jewelry and bags.


The opposite wall hosts a smaller rack for long items. Here is the only place where I have some nostalgic pieces hanging- all related to my wedding day! I think those are keepers!

Seeing that cute lacey number behind my robe got me all excited for the coming warmer weather.


Soon we’ll be packing clothes for our spring travel, and it is going to be easy for me to do, seeing that I have such a small wardrobe remaining. I really don’t mind, though. I’m a denim and simple top kind of girl, so my choices aren’t complicated. But I must say that an organized closet makes for a much easier experience of getting ready for the day. I’ve never had a problem with putting together an outfit- probably because my color selection is so small, but I imagine the task just got more streamlined now that this project is complete!



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Awesome ideas Renee!! For any size closet!


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