Spending the Night in a Tipi

What is there to do in Farmville, Virginia besides getting all tuckered out perusing furniture collections while walking through an endless maze of former warehouses that are now home to Green Front? If you’ve never visited this site in central Virginia, you’re in for a treat. It’s cash and carry and the prices are exceptional.


But there’s more! A very clever couple with a gift for hospitality created a Green Front shopping and “glamping” opportunity that is unlike anything else out there. Say hello to Mark and Candice’s handcrafted tipis!


Situated on their beautiful farm just minutes from Farmville, Sandy River Retreat is home to adventuring found in luxury tipis and perfectly outfitted cottages, a zip line course, kayaking, paddle boarding, and biking, running, or walking the 16-mile High Bridge trail.


We fell in love with the Dreamcatcher tipi when Candice granted us a tour. We kept pinching ourselves saying, “We’re going to spend the night in a tipi!”

Jon snapped this quick pic from the loft bedroom. {If you like natural wooden furniture and the hide rug, check out Green Front’s selection.}IMG_0200

Built-in bunks nestled beside the steps to the loft allow for family comfort. What small kids wouldn’t have a blast sleeping here?


We headed out to run part of the trail and to grab a casual pizza dinner. Upon returning,  Jon rummaged through the fire pit woodpile looking for kindling but found nothing dry enough to start a campfire. That would have been grand to enjoy the warmth while stargazing. Plan B: we cuddled here and watched Netflix on the flat screen television. In a tipi!


Whoever heard of a full bath in a tipi?


I woke up early with the sun and fixed a small pot of coffee. The live edge wood table provided the ideal place to take in the morning stillness.


Later in the day we returned home feeling very fulfilled. An agreed sentiment was shared- getting away, even for a brief 24 hours, refreshes our brains, our relationship, and our creativity. So here’s to more inspirational travel in the future!


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  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Girl, sign me up! I am all in for furniture shopping and tipi sleeping!!! I can’t wait to here more about this experience!!

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