The Thrill of Work

Maybe I’m drinking entirely way too much coffee, but so much has happened in the past two weeks! I’ve researched the Christmas shows that I want to apply for and read up on preparing for a craft show. I immediately started shopping the awesome after-Christmas sales for crafting supplies and created my expense sheet which grows quickly! I created a 2018 schedule of progress so I can avoid the stress of wanting to create everything at once. I have a design concept drawn for the booth, which is going to be really cool and inviting, I think! And, I have come up with the incentive to reward myself with crafting only after editing the devotional each day.

The feel of my Harbor & Home booth will be modern farmhouse… casual style reflected in interior design elements, textiles, gift-giving, and Christmas décor. I can see it and there’s a thrill in knowing I’ll be able to share it with others over the course of a weekend. In the meantime, have a look at some progress!

Branding- the biz card is an ongoing and exciting development! More to come on this later…


The banner I made to hang high in the curtained booth.


Harbor & Home handcrafted ornaments, “A Sweater & Scarf,” “Dream Easel,” and “Isaiah Prophesy.”


I cannot wait to incorporate this beautiful paisley print into something useful for the home. Currently I’m planning to sew terrycloth-backed kitchen towels. That would be the beginning of a perfect hostess gift paired with Harbor & Home Peppermint Bark and a Winter Soulstice candle.

On that note, keep watch for the accent pillow design I’ve created. The reveal is happening soon!



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    I am so stinking excited for you, for this process, for all the people who will be possessing your hand crafted goodness. You are most like God when you are creating!!! Love. Blessings as you get busy with all of it.


  2. Christy Hanna says:

    Excited to read this and look forward to seeing your beautiful creations. Also neat to see we have a mutual friend, Laura Spiers.


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