New Season


“When our steps begin to align with God’s purpose, our hearts discover a new kind of joy.”   -Bonnie Jensen

Yes! I totally get this.

Over the past week, in the midst of major life changes, I have watched God piece together many fragmented things that never seemed cohesive until now. I knew I had various interests, a stirring for a business, a love of home, family and community, but rather than seeing everything as a complete unit, I felt compartmentalized and unsure.

Honestly, it wasn’t the timing to see things once divided come together. Our family is still the main thing, and we wanted to be present and supportive during our son’s college graduation and wedding and our daughter’s preparation for a semester of studying abroad.

On the day after our daughter’s farewell party, while she and college friends sat around the breakfast table savoring sweet friendships, I went into the bedroom and dreamed with God. In an hour’s time, I had a comprehensive, year-long plan to bring Harbor & Home to life with a “winter soulstice” themed craft show exhibit. The joy I have in creating with a purpose brings a fresh passion to my heart, and I am so excited to have ten+ months to design and create inventory.

I just love how God does that! I had no other plan for 2018 beyond my goal to publish the women’s devotional I’m writing and to continue the local and national outreaches I volunteer at… but a mere four days before my daughter begins her new season, I have an expanded focus to include a book launch along with my love of sharing home interior design with others.

And it gets even sweeter! Jon and I headed out of town to celebrate our anniversary, and I shared with him the detailed download I received earlier in the day. He was quickly supportive and encouraging. I shouldn’t have been surprised because he always has been my strongest advocate. I remember a few years ago his wonder at my creating driftwood sailboat ornaments and suggesting that I make them to sell. I dismissed the idea then, but I see now his words were life-giving to me. That special creation is one of eight custom designed ornaments that will be featured at Harbor and Home late next fall, including the art easel shown above.

Every month of 2018 there’s a goal to continue editing You Are More Than You Know and to create home interior elements for the show. I love every bit of the creative work I’m doing, and I’m so entirely thankful for this new season of fresh focus. The Father in heaven has once again exceeded my thoughts and plans.




  1. Laura Spiers says:

    You will kill it!! I have no doubt.

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