Hannah’s Bridal Shower

In case there has ever been any confusion, I am the most blessed of all mothers who gain another daughter through their son’s marriage.

Meet Hannah! Soon to be Mrs. Hannah Beamer. {I’m a tad bit excited!}


My amazing daughter, Jordan, and I planned a sweet shower for the bride in hopes that all things lovely would delight her heart. So, because Hannah loves Christmas, we hurriedly put the Christmas tree up and decorated it.


A “naked” cake has a special icing effect. I didn’t attempt to make this one, since I have no gluten free baking skills. The cat topper is a handcrafted accent from Etsy shop, Platicsmith.


{I’m always looking for ways to layer materials in decorating and to blend rustic with glitz.}


“Hannah’s Getting Meowied.” If you knew her, you’d understand!


We collected tags from guests with their handwritten prayers for the bride…


Veiled bottles of nail color for the guests.


Something hot to drink on a chilly night.


Joy because the Lord has done great things!


While Hannah opened gifts, we played a surprise present passing game among the guests. The gift bag passed through many hands in accordance with the instructions: “If the bride opens a gift that is grey, black or white, pass once to the right. If it is a gift with color, pass twice to the left to another.” Had we been attentive to the game-winning trend of the lovely Lauren, we could have skipped the whole passing thing and just handed the gift over to Lauren. Girl has game!


Bridesmaid Amber keeps record of the gifts Hannah received.


Artist Bonnie is pleased with Hannah’s wonder over the customized wall hanging, featuring the sheet music for “Silent Night, Holy Night.”


Debbie, friend and lifelong mentor to Jacob, prays tenderly for the bride and her marriage while friends and mom, Denise, gather around her.




  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Just as expected, very beautiful and super special!


  2. elizaurzica says:

    Oh, that looks beautiful!!


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