For the Love of Texture!

Texture in home design is definitely not a new thing, but you could say it has made a big comeback in recent years! Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the timelessness of wicker and natural rugs. To me, a woven element speaks of easy-going comfort. Take a look at the following pieces from my home.

When choosing the lighting for the kitchen, I would not budge on this jute accented chandelier. I must have ordered it six months in advance!


I’m not really into orange pumpkins, but I jumped at the chance to purchase one of these woven ones when Kirkland’s put them on sale last week. I’ll be adding a mixture of white and cool-toned blue pumpkins when they become available in our area. Maybe I’ll do a fall display with them on the front porch. Just thinking about it makes me happy that I can transition well into the new season. I typically cling to summer with all that’s within me!


Have you met Ollie? This is my precious olive tree. Nothing speaks texture like a live plant! We’re going to have a long life together, I can tell. What my ficus tree was to me in my twenties, Ollie will be to me in my forties and fifties. I love this thing so much that I willingly shove my finger into the dirt to determine moisture level like a mother does with her baby’s diaper! I’m declaring the Word of God over this one: you shall live and not die and tell the wonders of God!

The stacked baskets have been with me for several years, and I never have any trouble finding a place for them. They are the epitome of texture, in my opinion!


Another design element I love to use is a natural wreath. All the leaves and sprigs are dried and not wet weather tolerant; thus, I hang it inside. This baby has been battered from its many falls off its perch. Like an old man loosing hair, the sprigs have thinned over the years, but I still find it so naturally attractive.


Another rope element shows how committed I am to keeping the natural theme working in our modern farmhouse. Even the half bath must speak of casual design. The woven wood blind seen in the mirror’s reflection is the same one we used in all bedrooms and baths. The white lining provides needed privacy, and the neutral toned fibers keep the room bright and airy.


Texture makes its presence known on the covered back porch, and I will be updating the blog soon with pics for you to see! In the meantime I’m working on a fall vignette to beckon us outdoors.

How have you been able to enjoy the cooler weather? I’ve already had my yearly quota of s’mores from gatherings with friends and family around the fire pit! But I would love to keep the flames glowing with an outdoor fireplace! Perhaps  I should revisit the discussions my hubby and I had about a hardscape design when we  finished the house this summer.

Have a great weekend!




1 Comment

  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Looks so wonderful Renee!! I love your taste and you have an amazing eye for design.


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