Modern Farmhouse {Landscape}

I’m an outdoors kind of girl, so vibrant green contrasting against blue skies does something for me! I actually experienced about eight years of farm living in my early years of childhood, so I think all things natural and lovely connect me to my youth filled with endless days of exploring woods and fields (and barns!).

It pained me to see the dominating white of our home surrounded by the dusty lot. This structure begs for green accentuating it. But construction happens in phases, and once sod and plants began arriving, installation took place at lightening speed.



We contracted Jack Wood for landscape design. He has an eye for placement and looks for ways to incorporate texture. I told him multiple times, “This yard is your canvas.”


While the backyard continues to undergo transformation with the addition of a fence, we’re enjoying the beds and stone.


Jack and I marveled at how his slate selection brought out some of the interior design colors. As much as I aim for a cohesive aesthetic, I don’t think I could have accomplished this detail if I tried.

So what’s next for the modern farmhouse? We’re still adding sod to the backyard. We also have a hardscape concept that includes a free-standing fireplace and a stone patio. {I might never come inside once we add that feature!}

There’s some dressing up to do with wood slats on the two stairwells alongside the pool. I definitely will share before and after pics of that project as I think it will be a major transformation to the whole “tucked away” feel of the pool area. I promised hubby I will help him, so perhaps in a weekend we can knock it out.

What are your plans for the weekend? Here in the mid-Atlantic the weather brings a beautiful one! The air is void of humidity at the moment and the gentle breezes are intoxicating. My mind is made up: I have plenty to do right here from the porch for a couple of more hours!








  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Landscaping really makes it, wow!!! Looks beautiful!!!!!


  2. elizaurzica says:

    Is this your house?! WOW, I’m jealous.


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