Just Keep Swimming!

We’re swimming, alright! In non-stop rain! Make mental note: Driveway installation will be tricky during the months of May and June! But it will happen- I have faith!

Welcome to the frustrating part of home building. You cannot cry over weather and the way it brings work to a halt. You just keep on swimming and find another project to work on! Fortunately, our city’s codes compliance officials gave us permission to move items into the home even though it is officially incomplete! That’s favor!

Jon threw some plywood down on top of the muddy lot creating a “sidewalk” for us to ease our moving of furniture and items. It’s really quite hilarious, but it’s working. Little by little we’re emptying our temporary residence and moving in.

The woven wood blinds arrived and installation began late last night. Here’s a preview: IMG_0066

Due to the forecast, we still may not see a driveway this week, but we most likely will finish furnishing the home with everything minus the beds and dressers. Moving skills will be tested by our ability to keep rugs and an additional white sofa free of mud. Not to mention transferring an upright piano- that just may have to wait until concrete affords us a stable surface!


I quickly took some pics as a reminder that I need to purchase pillar candles on my next visit to TJ Maxx. Well, I didn’t find candles (what?), but I scored three dresses! Hello, Summer!



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    I feel so “uncreative” to say I love it! again, but I love it!!! Not sure if I am just totally jelly over it or I am just thankful that you are my friend and I will get to see it in real life!! Haha, the latter. Tell Jon:Amazing!


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