Almost Move-In Time!

You know when the art work appears you’re getting close! It’s like the final step of getting dressed for the day- put on some jewelry!


The reason why you’re looking out the bathroom window is because the blinds are being made as I type! Oh, I can’t wait to see them installed! I’ll be sure to update you when it happens. But first, check out the toilet paper holder- I lifted it up so you can see how easily we install a roll in the year 2017! This is genius! The little things can really make this girl’s heart dance!


Oh, the coveted tobacco basket! Thanks, Joanna Gaines! We all need one now, and, fortunately, Kirkland’s delivers! Funny, my family actually produced a crop of tobacco when I was a kid on the farm. We probably had several of these lying around…

My original thought in purchasing this wooden piece of aesthetic beauty was to hang it in the kitchen and maybe add a seasonal wreath… but I think it would also add interesting texture to the wall above our serving table on the back porch. Hmmm….

While we’re contemplating decor placement- I need some input on this kitchen island! Since I’m a tad longer on the left side, I thought I should create a vignette there. Maybe a tall vase, a plant, and a bowl of fruit. I really like a distressed white ceramic piece from Kirkland’s that stands about 24″. Whatever elements I decide to add, I only need to ensure they are not competing with the visual interest of the wooden lanterns. My question is, since the kitchen has a design focused on symmetry, would an offset vignette bring a refreshing addition?


Oh, the decisions! We’re nearing the end of the road! Today I meet with the landscaper to start plotting out the beds and make plant selections. I’m excited about this part too!

If you are the praying type- will you join us in believing for continued dry weather so the driveway installers can get to our address in the next few days? The tropical amount of rain we’ve seen lately has caused our local companies to experience a backlog of work. We’re hopeful that when they say, “by the end of the week,” that we will see the long-awaited vision of cement trucks coming down the road. I think I may greet them with a classic cheerleader welcome! I’m going to start stretching now so I can do a toe-touch jump and all!

One last pic to share because I had my hair colored and styled yesterday by the beautiful Laura Spiers. She’s a rock star, a true artist, and an amazing woman! {Sending you some love, my faithful reader!}




1 Comment

  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Thank you my sweet and dear friend! Your new house looks amazing! I cannot wait for a personal tour!


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