Slow & Rainy Week

16684147_593447190851886_4919859265369857223_nThe winter season provided plenty of great weather for our new build project. Everything progressed speedily, and once we got the house under roof, we didn’t battle against the elements. We did, however, have great amounts of mud tracked inside when the rain came. The rain came and it keeps coming. Everything is beautifully green and in bloom as a result, but our house is about to come to a complete standstill. We need the lot to dry out so we can install a driveway. No concrete- no change of address for the Beamers… It’s raining as I post this update!

Enough whining, right? What progress have we enjoyed in recent days? Let’s focus on the gains and not the losses (disciplining my thoughts)! Well, after much deliberation, I chose a stain for the wood floors that encompass all of the downstairs and some of the upstairs. Big decision in my book! Currently, our floor installer is putting down the third and final coat of poly, but I sneaked in the back door to capture this shot prior to the application.


This custom blend is a departure from our original intent to whitewash the floors. Like I said, I deliberated much over the color, and Jon gave me total autonomy in selecting. The good news is he likes it- really likes it! Whew!

Here’s another biggie that happened this week! In one day a pool company finished digging for the pool and installed the steel surround. Then the rain came and filled up the deep end!


My advantage point for the above photo is the outside stairwell leading to a room over the detached garage. I cleaned the floors this week which means this room is ready for us to store some items while we’re in transition. I wonder who will be our first house guests to stay in the private suite?


Since the bathroom in the “Upper Room” has been cleaned already, I started with the decorating and hung a print.


I also purchased a pair of lamps for the bedside tables in the master bedroom. They are white ceramic with a touch of texture. Let me just say that when Joss and Main promotes a sale, one must jump on it, because not even TJ Maxx can touch the price! And their delivery takes only two days! Did I mention they have free shipping? I love this company!


I really must stop shopping for the new house. I was totally focused yesterday on present needs and hit three food markets, and wouldn’t you know that my favorite grocery store had this beautiful climbing plant that will look great against the massive amounts of white siding in our backyard?


I have a seven-foot, wrought iron topiary that I believe the vine will cover nicely with some training. Obviously, it’s time to start working on landscape design, and that should conclude the decision-making marathon that I have experienced the past year and a half! As I look back, I celebrate the fact that in a short span of time, we designed three homes and built two of them. And, I can look ahead and know that soon we will make one of them our permanent address.

Lastly, here’s a pic of the approaching thunderstorm that sent me running inside!


Happy Memorial Day! May your weekend bring with it time for rest and reflection. Our American freedom is very precious and indeed costly. Let us remember those who paid the price with their lives.


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  1. Laura Spiers says:

    It’s so beautiful Renee, I can’t wait to come see it in person!!!


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