Rustic & Modern

Like I have said before, the kitchen demands the most attention in a new build project. I started to design ours seven months ago, and the decision-making continues! But, we’re getting close! Here is today’s update- a little something shiny the hubby picked out… When he found this feature there was no changing his mind. Turns out, it is currently Moen’s most popular kitchen faucet, so it was on backorder. Today she arrived, and we promptly installed it! You’ve seen it before, perhaps. Fixer Upper and Magnolia Journal. I believe Joanna Gaines currently has the Oprah Winfrey effect- whatever she touches turns to gold.


Now for the rustic: the barn door. We had this one custom designed to imitate the X design in various lanterns hung throughout the home. Jon plans to complete the prep work and install the door in the hallway leading to the mudroom.


A final thing I have to share with you is a piece of artwork I made this week at Anders Ruff Workshop. I saw this particular project showcased weeks ago, and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to attend a session and craft one for our new home. I am so pleased with the outcome and have to say that the staff and the quality crafting products make it easy to produce something worthy of hanging. I doubted myself throughout the process, but each helper appeared totally relaxed about what would soon be unveiled, so I stayed focus working through the many steps.


Before the session ended, eight of us had put our hands to this sign’s creation! It takes a village! My friend, Ashley, and I proudly posed with our finished works!




  1. Laura Spiers says:

    I love the sink and faucet, I love the barn door and I love your art work!!! Can’t wait to tour your new home!

    Liked by 1 person

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