Florida Vibes

It’s been a few years since I’ve traveled to Florida, and upon last weekend’s return, I remembered that I love every balmy thing about it! Everything but the gators, big bugs, sink holes, and hurricane path vulnerability, that is!

The purpose for this visit was to celebrate my son’s graduation from Southeastern University in Lakeland. But what does this ambitious twenty-year-old feel the need to accomplish the night before we head south? An engagement!


Our family is so happy for Jacob and Hannah! They really are made for one another! What a blessing!

I’m also very happy for me! I kind of love this girl!


{photo courtesy of Luke and Ashley Photography}

The morning after we arrived in Kissimmee, we went to the town of Celebration and enjoyed some much needed espresso and a look around. What a charming neighborhood.

Jordan is still living on coffee- she just finished three days of exams. {And she killed it!}



Waterside view of The Bohemian


Street side view of The Bohemian. I love the mounted wood clusters.


Typical architecture in Celebration.

The Beamer and Valle families at Jacob and Hannah’s commencement ceremony.



So what did these two do to celebrate their hard-earned college degrees? They went to Disney World! But before the park hopping began, our families celebrated with dinner at Downtown Disney.


And a picnic at Shady Park in Winter Garden. We found this pretty spot nestled in between a coffee shop that we had to try and a bridal boutique! Speaking of bridal… there are some happy people looking forward to celebrating this upcoming marriage!



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