Mudroom Features

I’m very excited about our new home under construction. At this point in the process, it is beginning to take on its personality.


This is the first farmhouse design for Jonathon Beamer Builder, Inc., but we have a feeling it won’t be the last. We created the floor plan to satisfy our one-story living ideal. Granted, our office and two bedrooms are upstairs, but to have our master on the same floor as the great room is success in our eyes. The detached garage houses an upstairs studio apartment accessed by an exterior stairwell.

While kitchen decisions are being finalized, progress continues in other areas such as flooring, lighting and paint. Wood floors are installed, so now we play with some stain combinations to get the look we’re after. Lighting is hung with the exception of some fans and bathroom vanity lights. The first coat of paint has been sprayed and tile flooring is being installed.

The mudroom is a fun space to design. My question has always been, can it still be pretty and functional? I’m believing yes!


Wood plank style tile in grey and white tones keeps in step with the the coolness of the Comfort Gray wall color. I plan to pair the washer and dryer wall with my trusty bookcase. Hopefully the piece of furniture will serve as the needed catchall for mail, keys etc. and prevent us from cluttering up the kitchen counters.

Opposite of that wall, I’d like to have a painted bench and a gallery wall above it. Artwork, a family portrait, our B monogram, and other special pieces should create the look of “home.”

But the feature that seals the deal on the mudroom is the barnyard door. We had one custom made to mimic the “X” design and will stain it using a darker rustic color.

A cotton runner and fun pillows will bring in the needed textiles and aid the goal of going pretty in one of the most functional rooms in the house.



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    It’s perfect!

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