I used to struggle making an omelet. I never showed the promise that my sister-in-law demonstrated every time she prepared breakfast. My kids extended grace through the release of expectation by saying, “That’s okay, Mom. We’ll just let Aunt Paula make us omelets from now on.”

So I gave up.

However, 2017 being the year of change that it is, I am forced to cook more eggs than I ever have before due to the elimination of carbs from my diet. Gone are the days of eating a piece of toast with peanut butter for breakfast.


I don’t miss it, though! Why would I? Look at this beautiful breakfast! Not only is it filling but it’s fueling me with strength and energy.

This two-egg omelet has flavor enhancing gruyere cheese, a slice of ham, and a handful of spinach packing it with yummy goodness!



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    So how did you figure out how to do it?


    • reneebeamer says:

      Experimentation! The size of the pan matters, right? Letting the egg set up well and almost totally cook before flipping. Then adding the goodies before folding over and serving. Takes all of 5 minutes to cook something that keeps you full all morning!


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