Road Trip to the Mountains

We Virginians enjoy the fact that the coast and the mountains are within a few hours of one another! Even though there were mild temps forecasted for my daughter’s college spring break, she and I steered clear of the beach and headed for the mountains.

Our trip west landed us first in Lynchburg, Virginia to visit cousin Kelsey at Liberty University. We left campus and went to a couple of her favorite spots for a burger and a coffee. It was a short visit, but times with her are always sweet.

From Lynchburg we drove north in aim of the small campground a short walking distance from Crabtree Falls. The campground, called by the same name, completely charmed us. First of all, our small cabin rental was dirt cheap, and the campground owners are the sweetest couple. We two city girls were quite comfortable in the quaint setting. We couldn’t believe that we had the pleasure of listening to the  comforting sound of running water from the creek just beyond our front porch.


Jordan and I shared the Murphy bed but loved the fact that the loft accessed by a ladder could house more sleepers. We’ll definitely come back with the rest of the family, we decided.DSC04088

The purpose for the getaway awaited us the next morning: a hike of the falls.


The ascent is possible because of the many switchbacks. As we continued to climb, we encountered a total of five overlooks of the falls.


Perhaps hikers normally reach this spot at the peak after an hour of climbing, but our many photo shoots along the way demanded more time. In total, we completed the hike in two hours and twenty minutes.


If you haven’t visited the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi, Jordan and I recommend that you have a soon encounter with Crabtree Falls accompanied by a stay at Crabtree Falls Campground.



  1. Laura Spiers says:

    Looks like so much fun!


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