An Unfinished Look

I can’t believe I’m sharing a picture of my room void of window treatments. Initially I planned to install rods and hang curtains, but then the whole it’s only for five months thing took over, and I gave up decorating. We had privacy from the blinds, and that would suffice. What would you do in that scenario?

Honestly, it’s hard for this girl who loves textiles. Fabrics soften the hard lines of a space. And let’s face it, a room doesn’t look finished until the rugs, curtains and throw pillows are in place. But, as the progress on our new home next door continues, the likelihood of my doing something about needed window treatments at this location diminishes. In fact, I’m ready to move ahead and work on the detailed décor design for the new house.

I’m excitedly sharing photos of the construction later this week. You’ll easily recognize the structure from the rendering pictured on the blog. But it comes to life when you see it in color… or should I say, black and white?


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